Friday, 28 February 2014

30 Days, 30 Dress - Day One

I am one of those people who have a wardrobe full of those, a lot with tags still on, but never nothing to wear.

This month I am going to *try* and start saving a bit of money to go towards my college kit and exam fee's.

After counting up all my beautiful dresses I realised I had nearly enough to wear a different one every day for two months!!! To be exact I have 51 dresses!!

So 30 Days, 30 Dress was born.

The first dress I decided to wear was an Alice and You one from ASOS Curve that I bought from Becky in her recent blog sale.

I got loads of compliments on the dress and felt like a girlie girl wearing it!

ASOS Curve Alice and You Floral swing dress
Alice and You Floral Swing Dress
I wore it with my Simply Be Boots and a pair of black leggings from Tesco.

I Dyed my hair yesterday!! Can you tell?!?!?

If you fancy taking part in #30days30dress, just pop me a comment on the post and ill add your link on the next post!


  1. I would love to take part!! My blog link is I'm loving this dress by the way! xx

  2. I have that dress too and it is fabulous I would love to take part as I am on a spending ban so this will make me wear all my dresses!! I am over at x

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  5. Yes I'm also trying to save and would love to join. Add me please xx

  6. Oh I'll do this with you! I'm at and will pop my post up in a few x