Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Love is in the air..

I was recently contacted by Yours Clothing to see if I would like to pick something to wear based around an outfit for Valentines Day, and whilst a lot of other bloggers chose underwear and looked fab, I'm not quite brave enough to bare all!

Instead I decided to style an outfit for a romantic night out. I picked this amazing boucle waterfall jacket. Its one of those items that I would look at and admire, but never buy for myself, So I thought why not?

Charcoal Boucle Waterfall Coat
I knew what I was going to wear it before I had even received it. 

I love black, I always have done, and I love going out in it. You can't beat a pair of black skin tight skinny jeans, a black swing vest and statement shoes.

I think the silver heels really bring out the grey of the jacket.

I also love that this jacket has pockets! I adore anything with pockets it (its the ex-smoker in me!)

The only thing missing? a statement necklace… I promise jewellery will be my next investment!

This jacket is also now reduced to £45 and is available here. I am wearing a my normal size 20 and could have easily worn a size 18.

• this item was gives by Yours Clothing. All words are my own.


  1. It's lovely. The oversized collar is awesome and you look great. xx

  2. I bloody love this jacket!!!!! I got a 10% off voucher in the oat this morning so think I might need to buy it! Would it be worth buying a size down do you think? x