Saturday, 22 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Days 18 - 21

Here we are again. Not many more days left now.

If you are wondering where my glasses are from they are from SpecsPost and are I love them!


This dress is originally from F&F at Tesco, but I got it for 99p from eBay.


This was actually my first purchase from ASOS Curve last year. It's a grey Swing Dress and it's in a size 22. It's massive and think even an 18 would fit. I sometimes have issues with the length of dresses from ASOS, but this one is a good length. And the cute love heart cardigan is from Next.


Another Simply Be dress! This was a firm favourite with bloggers when it came out. It came in three different print, and if you see any of the others, let me know!


Another day, another Simply Be dress. I LOVE this dress. I got in the sale just before Christmas and it's been worn to death! It's so easy to wear. It also came in grey. Another look that I keep looking out for! As I new a few people who already had it, I took their advised and sized down. This is an 18 and fits perfectly.

On a totally different note, I am thinking about getting a fringe cut in. What do you think? Yey or nay?

You can see what I have already worn by selecting the days below.


  1. Another fabulous set of dresses and who doesn't love a good 99p bargain dress from Ebay! x

    1. they are best ones! Love eBay... maybe that should be my next challenge... ebay only buys!!!

  2. Yay, I have your Wednesday dress too. Loving all your dresses here, esp the 99p bargain! :-) xx

    1. Do you have the Wednesday dress in the same print? t x

    2. Yes, and the other two as well, birds and floral. Was only going to buy one and ended up keeping all three! Oops :-) xx

  3. HI Toni,
    I have found the jeans! They are navy almost inky blue with rust coloured birds (in different styles) in flight. They are M&S jeggings, size 18 (with stretch), zip fly & button, medium (Im a 5'3- so they should work for you). Ive not sorted photos yet as having just moved (5wks ago) & got 2 puppies 1st one (Gin) 5wks ago 2nd one (Penny) less than 24 hours ago!!! Ive not had a chance to find my camera yet.

  4. Replies
    1. I think am going to wait until my hair is a bit longer!!!