Monday, 24 March 2014

Just Another Blogging Challenge - Did you know...

This months Just Another Blogging Challenge theme is 'something you don't know about me'. 

I really don't think I thought the themes through when I picked this one.

I can't really think of anything to tell you that you don't already know.

I can tell you one of my biggest fears at the moment though.  

One of my greatest fears at the moment is that Plus North won't be as good this year.  And it's not as Becky has stepped away from Plus North. It's a fear that I have had whilst organising the last two years too. 

I panic that brands won't sign up, people won't buy tickets and that attendees will hate it and give us really bad review or everything will go tits up! 

Please don't think that this is anything against Emma, Kim or Gemma. They all bring fabulous ideas to the table every Skype meeting we have and this years will be very different. ITS JUST ME! 

I worry about things that other people wouldn't! 

A bit silly really isn't it-


  1. Not silly at all. I'd be anxious about a big event...sometimes it's that fear that makes us work harder though, and push for success.

    It goes without saying, but so long as the team are doing their best (you inc.) then it'll be amazing. I'm really excited to come! X

    1. I know its just my paranoia that makes me think it will be rubbish. The last two years have been really sucessful!

      So glad you are coming!! Cant wait to see you again! I am sure it will be before August though!

      T x