Sunday, 9 March 2014


A few weeks ago on twitter the guys over at SpecsPost very kindly invited me over to their head office to see behind the scenes. so on Friday I travelled across to Manchester to see them.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with SpecsPost, they are a online store, which funnily enough sell glasses. Their glasses start at £10 and they ship worldwide ( having previously ordered, shipping is uber fast. I had my glasses within a week). They have a huge range for glasses and sunglasses for both men and women and I guarantee can you will find frames you like! 

After a few minor hiccups the lovely Charlotte meet me from the tram station and away we went.

Upon arrival At the Specspost office I was shown I fab range of glasses, some online already and some that are going online very soon!

I love these purple ones!

Charlotte and her colleague Julie give me a brief history of the brand, how they started and where they plan to take the brand next. Both Charlotte and Julie are extremely lovely and to be honest we could have nattered for hours. They are both seem extremely passionate about SpecsPost and I don't blame them. They also have something very exciting coming soon so keep your eyes open!

Then the try on part!!! I think I tried almost every pair of specs they had! I took a lot of selfies, but lots of the pics had blinding glare on them, so haven't used them! I would highly recommend paying the extra and getting the anti glare coating. I will definitely pay for it on my next pair.

You can follow SpecsPost on twitter here!


  1. They have a great range of colourful and classic frames! Can't wait to get over there myself to try them all on! :D

    1. I think I actually tried every pair on! I love your new ones! I tried them on and they are going to be my next pair! X