Monday, 7 April 2014

Beauty || Scott Cornwall Colour Restore

After reading Georgina's recent post about maintaining red hair I decided to give one of the product she recommended a try.

I love having red hair, but due to years of over dying and over styling, my hair just doesn't hold on to colour long at all. Even after a permanent colouring, I looks dull and faded within a few weeks.

One of the products Georgina used was the Scott Cornwall Colour Restore. At £12.99 (from Boots) this product is more expensive that using hair dye, in fact you could probably buy three packs of hair dye for this value.

Scott Cornwell Colour Restore Red Pigment

This product made Georgina's hair a lovely deep shade of red, but I was still a bit dubious that this would work for me. I don't have a very good past record with hair dyes.

The product description states to use as a shampoo to maintain tone or to leave on for up to 25 minutes (on wet hair I presumed). However, I totally ignored these instructions. I put it on dry hair and left it for 45 minutes. As it contains no ammonia or peroxide, I knew it wouldn't damage my hair.

When it came to washing it off I was really concerned about staining and washed the majority of the product off in my stainless steel skin in the kitchen before moving in the the bathroom to remover the remainder. I did have some staining on my scalp and around my hairline too. But I was really pleased with the colour. It definitely evened my colour out. Although, now I have washed my hair a few times, my roots look shocking and the colour has faded quite a lot.

Would I buy this product again? I am not sure. £12.99 is expensive compared to Dimensions and crazy colour, and you get pretty much the same results. Maybe a tad less staining. 

BUT, I did like the colour it gave initially. 

Marks out of 10?  7/10  


  1. I agree with you on that, after dying it again with crazy colours, I've realised they last just as long! We will find some miracle product one day! <3
    Georgina x

    1. What we go thought for red hair! Nearly time for my summer blonde I think!