Monday, 14 April 2014

REVIEW - Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions liquid foundation

When I visited London a few weeks ago I went to Selfridges for the first time. Eager to make a purchase and in desperate need of a new foundation I stopped at the Clinique counter. 

I explained that I had acne prone skin that tends to be oily by the end of the day and after trying a few different foundations I settled on the Anti Blemish liquid solutions. 

Clinique Anti Blemish Liquid Solutions

The foundation is really light as it's oil free and really matte. I normally have to use loads of powder to eliminate excess shine, but with this I only used a bit of powder to set the foundation in place. I could immediately see that my redness was reduced and my complexion look somewhat more even. It provides a medium coverage without looking as though I have too much makeup on. Although I did find it hard to build a 'going out' coverage.

Clinique claim that this foundation will provide an even, natural looking finish whilst the medicated ingredients help existing breakouts and keep them from coming back. This foundation also contains salicylic acid which helps repair acne damaged skin.

I have used this foundation almost daily since I purchased it and I would definitely repurchase it. I am definitely finding that my breakouts aren't as bad. I have also started using the three step facial wash and spot healing gel, which is probably the main reason, but this foundation does help! 

 The foundation retails for £23, which is quite expensive, but I see it lasting a while as a little goes quite a long way. I also love that it's in a squeezy bottle so there is minimal waste.


  1. I am also looking for a new foundation, greAt review! Xx

  2. The superbalanced foundation is also really good (I think that is what its called!). The best foundation I have ever used!

    1. I think most clinique stuff is good for your skin and you get what you pay for. x