Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review || Vita Liberata Capture the Light

A few months ago I was invited to a Blogger Loves event in London. As much as the event was a bit of a let down overall, I was introduced to the luxury tanning and skincare brand Vita Liberata.

Vita Liberata are an Irish based brand that created the world first odourless tan (yey, no smelling like biscuits!), and the worlds longest lasting tan. Their self tan range comes in a host of shades and varieties and is available worldwide. They are also recognised as the world leading non-toxic and organic tanning company.

At the event I attended, I added my name to a blogger list to try some of the range and thought no more of it. Fast forward a couple of weeks and a mysterious package arrived at my door. Much to my surprise it contained a tube of Capturing the Light illuminating cream. I received the Light Rose tint, which is formulated especially for pale skin (also available in other shades).

Vita Liberata Capturing the Light Rose

Designed to illuminate pale skin with rose hues on tanned or untanned skin and for use on the whole body, the capturing the light range promises 'photo ready' skin. One massive thumbs up from me is that it contains SPF25. I burn very easily so a pump of this on my face whilst sitting around the pool (or bar!) will look a million time better than having white sun cream in my hair line, and its moisturising at the same time! Genius!

Although this product is supposed to be for the whole body, I probably will only use it on my face, and possibly my legs if abroad. I am not a fan of shimmery arms, its far too 90ies for my liking.

You only need one pump for you full face, a little does go a long way, and it gives the most beautiful illuminating, almost iridescence cover. I used this with a mattifying primer and a good lashing of mascara and it gave me the most 'healthy glow' look skin I have ever achieved. I think it would also be good as an highlighter just on my cheeks as well.

Can you see the difference? Without on the left, with on the right.

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