Saturday, 7 June 2014

Review || Elegant Touch False Nails

I love having nice nails. Sadly I am not blessed with them. As soon as my nails start growing, they either peel or snap.

Previously I have had gelish manicure, gel extensions and acrylic extension. They never last. With gel mani's I can generally get 4/5 days out of them and maybe a week out of gel or acrylic extension. 

The perfect option for me is self adhesive/glue on false nails. They give the desired effect, and if they come off after a few days (this application last 3 days), I don't feel like I have wasted my money.

These are my most recent purchase.

Elegant touch polished pastel nails in short.

Oddly enough, I can't find these on either the Elegant Touch website or the Tesco Direct website.

*Elegant Touch have since been in touch informing me that these nails are now discontinued. An alternative can be found here*

In the pack was 36 nails (12 of each colour), glue and a nail buffer.

Pastel nails seem to be all the range at the moment, and these actually made me feel almost 'trendy' for a change!

I am going to try pastel French tips next I think!


  1. Ooh these look lovely on you! And I agree - it makes such a difference having nice-looking nails.

    1. I think it makes you feel better too! X

  2. I always get tempted by these but do they last more than half a day?xx

  3. I popped one of the thumbs off when I was cleaning but apart from that I generally get 2/3 days of from. X