Monday, 28 July 2014

Brand Spotlight || Simply be

35 days people!! THIRTY. FIVE. DAYS!

Its probably an understatement to say that I am becoming a bit nervous. I am starting to imaging that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. I have an awesome team working with me, they are helping to keep me sane and talking sense in to me when I need it!

As most of you know, Simply Be are one of our premier sponsors, and have been since the first Plus North. Their range of clothing and their concessions are best bar none and, in all honesty, their on going support of Plus North is one of the reasons that I continued with Plus North this year.

Anyway, Simply Be very kindly sent Emma, Kim, Gemma and myself the same item to review and get you excite for what they will be showcasing at Plus North.

The item in question? This lovely Tux jacket with PU trim

Before I received it, I already knew what I wanted to wear with. For me, this is the perfect addition to my love of black. Black skinny jeans, black vest and black jacket.

Simply Be Tux jacket with PU trim

This is my serious face!!!
I ordered the jacket in a size 22, but really didn't need to. I had plenty of boob room and the arms were slightly too long. But I don't think It looks over big.

Don't forget that you can still but Plus North tickets at

And remember to check out Emma, Kim and Gemma's blog to see how they have worn their jacket.


  1. You look very stylish Toni! Can't wait to get to Plus North, had such an amazing time last year x

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see you again!