Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review || Black Heart Creatives

A few weeks back the lovely Charlotte from Black Heart Creatives asked if any bloggers would like to review an item for her new Palm Bling Collection.

Having a severe lack of costume jewellery I register my interest and waited to see if I was lucky enough to be picked.

When Charlotte contacted me to say that she would send me an item from the new collection I was over the moon. And then a bit scared. Costume jewellery scares me. And I don't know why. Maybe it's partly due to the fact that before I started blogging all the items I wanted never fit me. I could never buy pretty rings or bracelets that fit my fat fingers or chubby wrists? 

I was really happy when I received the palm bling earrings. I have had my ears pierced since I was 5 and have lots of pretty earrings!

The Palm Bling earrings are a steal at £10 and are available in matte gold and mirrored gold. As is the matching necklace that is also available.

Black Heart Creatives Palm Bling Earrings

Black Heart Creatives Palm Bling Earrings

The earring are actually quite a bit bigger than I expected, but surprising light. I wore them all day and didn't have sore ears when I took them out.

I apologise for my very long and wonky bangs. They have now be cut and isn't at all wonky!
I also love the fiiiiiiapple studs, and with the generous 20% discount that I can share with you all (code further down) I will definitely be buying them!

For the next 7 days you too can get 20% off any BlackHeartCreatives order by using the code ton20. (valid for one week)

So, tell me what you're going to buy!

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