Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Simply Be Store Review

Last week I was contacted by the lovely Carey at Label PR to see if I would be interested in visiting the Leeds branch of Simply Be for a style consultation. 

I have visited the Leeds store a number of times but never had a style consultation with Simply Be. I am pretty easy when it comes to styling. The only thing I won't wear are jumpsuits. I just can't get my head around them. Plus I look absolutely hideous in them.

It's actually been awhile since I last visited the store. I was excited to see the new items that has just dropped in store as well as checking out the sale. I really wanted to see if they had the animal print duster jacket in store.

The lovely store manager Kirsty met me on arrival and asked mes at few questions about what I liked and didn't like and showed me some of the top selling items. 

I was quite surprised to learn that the store don't selected what items they stock. They can request items that they want or items that customer are asking for, and if available they occasionally get them. 

What I really like about Simply Be stores are the fact they stock a bit of everything. They have their own brand as well as a good mix of other brands. The Alice and You range seemed very popular in store. 

Now the pics. I had to take some with my phone as the store was extremely busy and poor Kirsty was running backwards and forwards to see if I was OK whilst dealing with customers.

 I loved how this sat on my boobs. To get a fit I was happy with thought, I had to size up to a 24. TWO sizes bigger than normal!


Very very short! Even with leggings it was more like a tunic. This is a 20 and it's a bit big around the boob area. However, it has pockets and that's makes it a winner in my eyes. This is definitely one that is going on my wish list!

Palazzo Print Pants - Different Print and Crochet sleeve top

This is one of those sizing goes of the window. I don't know if it's because the bottoms are made of cheesecloth, but these are a size 16. And I love them. They come in  few different prints too. And the top is just adorable!

Alice and You denim dress and kimono

I had to size up to a 24 again in this. And again it was pretty short. I don't love or hate the kimono. I think it looks good with the dress though. 


Favourite dress of the day. It's just so bloody cute! I love the shape, the print and the colours. This might be my Plus North Dress!

Ok, what do you notice about these two photos? Answer. The one on the left is a size 16-18 and the one on the right is a 12-14. Yes, you read that right. A size 12-14. I know it's supposed to be over sized, but this is crazy. After trying on both dresses a number of times, I decided I liked the fit of the 16-18 better than the 12-14. Although it did give a better shape, I preferred how the bigger size fell. Especially when I walked.

Another item that I needed to size up in. Is it just me that Alice and You seems to be a really small fit on? Apart from swing dresses I seem to need at least 2 sizes bigger that what I normally wear. This is casual perfection for me. Would look great with skinny jeans and leggings, covers my bum and sits low enough at the front. And the print is marvellous.

I want this for my Christmas dress. It felt amazing on and very luxurious. The slip under the sheer skirt is quite short so I would probably wear this dress with some tights. This photo was also took using the Magic Mirror in the changing rooms. If you haven't used the this before, it take four photos and then gives you the option to either print or email the photos. 

As you can see, the Leeds store is quite spacious. Even with the sale rails out, there was lots of space even when the store as busy.

Simply Be stores also stock a great range of lingerie and footwear. And as with most Simply Be stores, there is a Jacamo upstairs. 

Can you guess which two items I added to my wardrobe?

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