Sunday, 17 August 2014

OOTD || Check Mate

A few Saturday ago I popped myself on the train to go to lovely Leah's first Style XL event in Leicester.

I had been looking for something to wear over the last few weeks and when I was buying some sale shoes from New Look, I noticed this Black Check Print Tunic.

New Look Inspire Black Check Tunic Dress

Although it's quite dark for this lovely weather that we have been having, I thought it would be perfect for Style XL and going forward for AW. I did size up to a size 22, a size bigger than normal, as I have found the last few inspire bits to be a bit odd size wise.

I actually felt really 'on trend' wearing this outfit. Especially with my new favourite Primark dolly shoes. They were a mere £10 and a size 5 from the standard fit section. They are a very generous fit and I will be buying multiple pairs come pay day. 

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