Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Review || Bra's and Honey guest post

At Plus North I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Abi and Donna from Bras and Honey.

Bras and Honey specialise in stocking large cup lingerie (up to a KK) from brands such as Curvy Kate, Fantasie, Elomi, Freya and Panache. They also stock 48 back and from an A cup!

I love that Abi and Donna cover almost every size.

I wear a size 38HH and my sister wears a 32G/GG.

After a bit of persuasion my sister agreed to let me take some photos of her with the bra on.

After looking on the site, Becci decided to try a Fantasie bra over her beloved Curvy Kate bras and opted for the Nicola*.

The first bra Becci tried was a 32GG and was too big for her.

This one is a size smaller a 32G and fits a lot better. Its not perfect but a 32F would have been too small.

Here is what Becci had to say...

Like most women I have odd size boobs . One is a whole cup bigger the the other, so I generally find it hard to find bras that fit properly. I was very tempted to go with my tried and tested Curvy Kate bras but decided that I would like a wider choice in bras so chose to try Fantasie.

I found the Nicole bra to be quite a good fit. The band felt firm and the straps gave me good support. The general gore does sit against my chest but did twist a little by the end of the day. 

There was some excess fabric on my smaller boob, but on my larger one, the cup sat flush.

Overall I am very happy with this bra. I like the shape that it gave me and I would definitely wear Fantasie again.

As you can see my sister was very happy with this bra! You should really have a look at the Bras and Honey site, especially as I have a 15% discount on full priced items. 

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Blogtober || Day two - Instagram repeat

Day two and even though I am a little late, I am ready to post!

Today is an Instagram round up. I haven't posted much in the last few weeks so I have gone back a few months. I have also added a few extra ones that I found on my camera roll or that have been imported from my DSLR.

I could have posted loads more, but I won't bore you all!

Tomorrow I am hoping to find somewhere to be able to take a decent OOTD!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blogtober - Introduction

If you follow Nikki's blog, you will have seen that this month she is going to blog everyday. I decided that this idea is the perfect way to try and get me back into the swing of things and ignite the blogging bug again for me.

September has been horrible. My mum has been diagnosed with cancer, me and boyfriend of nearly 9 years split up and people I thought were my friends have seemingly be slagging me off! 

Now I am all reconnected to the t'internet I am going to catch up on the all posts have should have done in the last month or two and try find my mojo again!

I have OOTD's, a bit of beauty, a few guest posts, a blog sale, a goodbye and a few others too!

I will also be using a few of the theme's from Nikki's list too!

See you all tomorrow!!