Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Wedding Plan Pt1

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As some of you may know, on my 30th birthday my boyfriend asked me to marry him. Although we had talked briefly about getting married at some point, it was a total surprise.

I didn't think I was that bothered about getting married, but it turns out that I am.

And as I am an organisation freak I have gone into list overdrive.  WE HAVEN'T EVEN SET A DATE YET!!!! But I am 99.9% sure that I know what kind of dress I want, what colour my bridesmaids will be wearing, who they will be, approximate guest numbers, that we will be having a non-religious service and a possible venue. I have even thought of silly things such as what decorations to have and timings of the day. I swear I am not normally this crazy.

I am seriously driving the boy crazy. I am pretty sure that once we have decided on a date, I will become much more relaxed (hopefully!!) and once things can actually be put in motion I can take things in my stride and not think I am turning into Monica.

I am totally going to go overboard. I have never planned a wedding, so I am not sure what to expect or what I should be doing first and I expect that at more than one point I'll cry and suggest that we just run away somewhere and get married in secret.

I will love you all forever if you could recommend things like florist, MUA's etc, etc.

Are you married? Do you have any planning tips for me? Do all women turn in to a bridezilla?

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

30 x 30 update

Happy miserable rainy day. I hate this kind of weather. it's so draining. I swear I have SAD's.

So far I think I have stuck to 30 different main items. I am now finding that I want to re wear some of the items I have already worn, so may end up converting this into a OOTD a day post.

So here we go...

Day 6
Junarose stripy dress 

Apologies for the dodgy photo. It went all weird on me and I hate this dress.

Day 7

No Photo - PJ day!!

Day 8

George ripped jeans
Simply Be animal print top
Flip flops

Day 9

Simply Be denim Dress 
Simply Be flats

Day 10

George Checked shirt dress
Simply Be flats

Day 11

Next ditsy print dress
Simply Be Boots

Day 12
Evans top
Simply Be Chloe jeans
Primark flats

I thought I'd ironed, obviously not.

Day 13

Evans jumper
DP eden jeggings.
Primark flats

I am really enjoying this challenge. I love looking back and seeing the clothes imhave worn. Inam kinda loving jeans again and going off dresses. I am also seeing what suits me more.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

30 x 30 OOTD's

Guess what? I am already a bit behind. I totally forgot to take photos on Saturday and I was a bit sleep deprived Sunday due to an impromptu firework party so I had a PJ day. 

I did do photos yesterday so will catch up in the next day or so.

Day 3
Alice and You Swing dress
Simply Be Biker boots

Day  4
G21 babydoll dress
Next Parker 

Day 5
Simply Be Tee
DP Jeggings
Simply Be Shoes

I am really struggling with jeans and jeggings at the moment. I really want some wide leg jeans without a seam down the front. Can you recommend any?

PS. I apologise for my shoddy photos. I am struggling to find somewhere with good light to take photos!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

30 x 30 - Post 1

I am throwing myself straight back into blogging my taking part in a 30 x 30 challenge thanks to Steph.  

I haven't fully decided what my 30 items will be but I am going to try and wear something different everyday. Some items will be reused (black work pants come to mind), some will be new but not yet worn but most will be from my wardrobe.

I am really going to have to try and wear something different everyday. Especially on a Monday when I study all day and don't leave the house. 

I actually decided to start Monday instead of Sunday just to make thing easier.

Day 1

Primark oversized jumper

Day 2

Simply Be Black Swing dress
Simply Be black pointy flats.

I have decided that leggings/tights and shoes are not going to be included in my 30 items. To be honest, I am not actual sure I have 30 items in my wardrobe that I want to wear. I have lots of items in a pile for eBay. Where possible I am going to try and not buy anything else new this month. BUT it is my birthday at the end of the month so a new party dress is a must!!!!

As well as me and Steph a few other lovely ladies are taking part in the 30 x 30 challenge.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

I have moved!


I have finally decided to come back to the world of blogging. 

I won't harp on about my absence but I have done something I have been meaning to do for a while and purchased my own domain. 

For those of you that follow me on Bloglovin', you don't need to do anything.

If you are new to my blog (WELCOME!!!!) If you hit the link below, it will redirect you.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

OOTD - Floral Skate Baby Doll Dress

This Saturday was Style XL in Birmingham (that will be another post) and I had already planned on what I was going to wear. I saw this floral baby doll skater on the Simply Be website a week or so ago and knew it would be ideal.
I decided to get the tall length so It came below my knees and so it would force me to go bare legged. The dress is really light weight too, so it definitely going to be coming in my suitcase to Egypt!
I sized up in this dress as Simply Be sizing has been a bit all over the place recently but I think my normal size would have been fine. 
I had so much fun at Style XL, it was so nice to see everyone again. I can't wait to show you all my photos.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

From My Wardrobe

This weeks from wardrobe comes courtesy of one of Hollie's resent blogs sale. Seen as this is a new to me dress I decided that it would be perfect for this weeks From My Wardrobe (formally known as Wardrobe Wednesday).

The dress is originally from Simply Be and is really lovely. It sit just below my knee and ties at the waist. Its a 22 and is a tad too big but I still like it.

Also, look!!! Bare legs!!! Its only taken 29 years!

Its also Style XL this weekend. If you haven't got tickets yet, I urge you to do so! Its going to be awesome!!

Will I see you there?

Monday, 13 July 2015

Event - #TheCityGirls

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the #TheCityGirls Leeds at the beautiful The Liquorist. 

This is the second event that the lovely Lorna and Hollie have held, and I have to say it was great.  I love going to events where there is an array of blogger from all different corners of the blogging world, not just fashion bloggers. 

It seems like forever since that I last attended a event so It was really nice to catch up with a few friendly faces. I meet Kellie outside the event too (I still hate going into events by myself) and we waiting to be called upstairs to mingle and talk to the brands that were in attendance.

There was 5 actual brand there on the day and more brands that had sent goodies for us, plus a few PR bods wondering around.

Me and Kellie had our nails done by the amazing Nails By Ivy  (@Nails_by_ivy on instagram).

The lovely girls from The Body Shop White Rose were also on hand.

There was also Manuka DoctorKendelle Clothing, and Benefit Cosmetics.

During the day a lovely lady from Leeds Women's Aid was there talking about her charity and holding a raffle to raise money. A whopping £480 was raised in total (£240 on the day and matched by Aviva). I didn't actually win a prize but the lovely, fabulous and extremely generous Jess from Glitterbat won the most amazing bag and gave it to me (I will literally be thanking her forever!!)

I will be doing another post in a few days with the goodie bag and bits and pieces that we got from the day.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

OOTD - Wardrobe Wednesday

I thought I was making progress getting through my wardrobe, as it goes, I am not. My aim is to post more often and more OOTD's from my wardrobe.
This weeks from my wardrobe is a New Look khaki shirt. I think I got it about October time last year and as with most things I own, I have it 2 or 3 times.
It did come with a matching belt but the dress itself is a tad too big so I replaced it with a skinny belt from ASOS Curve.
Also, how fab are my sandals? They are from New Look and are sooooo comfy!!!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Magnitone Lucid

I have had issues with my skin since I was about 13. I have always had pimples and as got older they turned in to mild acne. I always thought  would grow of spots and only get them around my period. Sadly it never turned out that way. I am now almost 30 and still get acne breakouts. Thankfully they are pretty mild, but I have to be really careful with what products I use.
I had read reviews of the Magnitone and really wanted to try one and as part of their birthday celebrations The Bloggers Hub had a gifting lounge where you could register to review products. I immediately registered for the magnitone and was lucky enough to be selected to be sent one to review.
Magnitone claim that after just 7 days of use with your regular cleanser you will have softer, brighter and clearer skin.
I currently use two cleansers. St. Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub and Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foam. The magnitone works well with both cleaners, but I prefer to use the St Ives scrub with it as its more of a deep cleanse.
So how does it work? The Lucid use Electromagnetic Technology that send rapid vibrations in to the skin. This naturally unclogs pores, and sweep away dry and dead skin cells to leave a clearer complexion.
You can also select two cleansing mode - Normal and Sensitive. Recommended use is 1 minute per day and there is also a handy timer to let you know when the minute is up.
I have to admit, I haven't remembered to use this everyday, but I can still a difference in my skin. It is definitely smoother and brighter, but I have had a few new spots. Whether that is down to my monthlies or the fact that I am using something new on my skin, I don't know. Since the 1st July I have used the lucid daily and I am hoping to remember to use it for a full 30 days. At the end of the month I will update you again and show you the results.
The lovely people at Magnitone have send me a 20% discount code for you lovely lot. Click here to claim it and use the code BLOVE20

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Planner Addict

When I find a new hobby, I generally become pretty obsessed with it. Sometimes it only last a few month, other times I last it out. This blog is a good example. Although I try and post 2/3 times per week I don't cry if I only post once in a week. 

I love *trying* to be crafty. In the past I have dabbled in jewellery making and card making, but I think I have found my craft. In planners. Think filofax's, fauxdori's,  ring bound notebooks etc etc. The planner world is awesome!!

And the choice! Its beyond extensive! Granted a lot of it is overseas and you can sometimes struggle with getting certain items in the UK, but only when I am been reallllly picky.

I could go on for days about the choice of items but instead I am going to show you mine.

I currently have two planners. A pocket size paperchase one and a A5 Filofax domino in hot pink. My pocket size one is always in my bag and I don't really decorate it. My A5 is my baby. It sits on my coffee table or dining room table and gets lots of attention. 
This is my current dashboard. I made myself from some downloaded digital scrapbook paper and some project life bits and pieces. The initial card is from Marks and Spencer.
This is my current week layout. Going with the black and gold theme, again with PL cards. The laminated monthly cards are from Pinterest.
I add a 'photo of the week' in between each week on two pages. I could never get around to finishing a full PL month and this is a good way for me to print my photos.
look at all them planners!!!
 I also have some coloured paper in to this. I need to print some 'to do' lines on it. I love making lists, so I will definitely use them all!! I also have two plastic wallets. This one, that I keep my stickers in and zip one that I keep a bit of all sorts in.
So, that's my current planner.
I know this isn't my normal kind of post but I am going to start incorporate more lifestyle on my blog.

Do you plan?

Monday, 22 June 2015

OOTD - Fathers Day

The first of everything when someone you love passes away is hard.  On days like Mothers Day and Fathers Day we always got together as a family and had a meal out. And yesterday was no different.
My step dad finds days like yesterday really hard. He is struggling more an any of us I think. But we all showed up and did our best. Its what my mum would have wanted.
After a few hours of faffing I finally decided that I would opt for my trusty DP Eden jeggings, That Day top and my ELVi cardigan. I am trying to get wear out of the clothes that I have before spending more money on clothes.

Just going to keep this post short and sweet.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

OOTD - Stripy Addiction

Morning campers. How are we all?
I am not loving the weather this morning. Come back sunshine!
Today I have another striped dress for you. This time from Junarose at Simply Be.  It has cute denim style turn ups on the sleeves too!
I can't rave about Junarose enough. I love 90% of what they sell. Love that they do slightly cheaper lines at Simply Be, Evans and ASOS Curve.
I ordered this dress in a XL (22/24) and it is a tad too big. I think an L (18/20) would have been easily big enough.
Junarose Jersey stripe Dress Simply Be
My only gripe about this dress is the material. Its says that its a jersey dress. But it isn't. I would say its more polyester. It doesn't really make much difference but the polyester is very easily clicked.
What I wore
Leggings - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday #2

What a beautiful day it is. I crave the sunshine so much. I need a permanent source of natural vitamin D!!!
This is the second instalment of my Wardrobe Wednesday. I will get through all my unworn items in my wardrobe eventually. Or they will end up on eBay as selling on FB and blog sales just doesn't seem to work for me.
Today's dress is from Marks and Spencer of all places. If the weather is pants I often from the train station through Trinity to work and this just jumped out at me.
Marks and Spencer navy and white stripy dress
I cant see it online any more but they have some lovely stuff and I will definitely be buy a few more items before I go on holiday.
Sizing info - This dress is a size 20 and generous. I am not sure if the 18 would have been a bit to clingy for my liking.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Blog Every Day in June - Day 5 - Here's what I would have bought - River Island

Day 5 and I am deviating slightly. Today's theme is Blog Roll Call. My list would be never ending and I reallllly wanted to catch up on this blog challenge. So here is my Here's what I would have bought.

River Island is NOT a place that I shop in. Why? Because they don't do my size. I don't even buy bags or shoes from them any more because I got depressed that I had to trail to the back of the shop through all the pretty clothes and not be able to buy them. 

And lets be honest, the staff look at you like you are something they have stood in if you bigger than a size 10!!

As Debz puts it, the idea behind this post is to show River Island what us plus size women would have bought if they stocked our sizes.

Looking through the website, there isn't that much that took my fancy. But I did find a few things.

So River Island, When you going start stocking plus sizes???

Debz -
Mookie -
Steph -
Kitty -
Vicky -
Sarah -
Daisy -
Katt -
Abi -
Lisa Marie -
Kathryn -

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Blog Every Day in June - Day 4 - Wish List

Day 4 and still going strong!!!

Today's theme is Wish list. I don't know about you, but during the month, I always see loads of things I want to buy, but come payday I don't like it any more!!

Saying that, I am lusting after some lovely bits and pieces at the moment.

I am lucky enough  work hard enough, that this year I can afford to go abroad twice. I have already been to Turkey and will be jet setting again in September.
I am in love with this tankini top from Yours Clothing. I already have a few pieces of swimwear, and will probably buy a few more swimwear bits. I am really tempted to buy a bikini but I don't know if I am brave enough but I love this one from Curvy Kate.

After seeing it on a few bloggers including Callie it would definitely be the bikini I would buy. I mean, look how fantastic she looks!!
When I look at this dress I automatically think of gladiator sandals. Well done New Look!

And this Scarlett & Jo dress from Evans. Roll on the sales!!

None fashion wish, this is the top of my list. A Kikki K planner. I have also spied a Mulberry one. We can dream can't we?

What's on your wish list?

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blog Every Day in June - Day 3 - Makeup Must Haves!

Day 3 and I have managed to stick to blogging daily!! 

Last week you might have seen I started a Wardrobe Wednesday but will miss this week as I have another post for you later today.

Today's theme is Makeup Must Haves. 

As with most things I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to makeup. I buy it for the sake of having it. I only have a few pieces of have 'high end' makeup. I buy that much I simply can't afford to buy the likes of Mac and Bobby Brown every time. 

If you fancy a trip out, Cheshire Oaks has a Cosmetics Company Outlet Store. Its amazing!!! I got a MAC eye shadow and Bobby Brown Eye Cream for £22!!

I digress. My must haves are the following:

Makeup Revolution Matte Effect Foundation - I use this as my 'daily' foundation. It is a lightweight coverage and blends really really well. From what I can see in the ingredient list it doesn't contain any oil, and as such it doesn't break my skin out in horrendous spots!

Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions - Again another foundation that doesn't contain oil. This foundation is from the anti bact range and when I had a serious acne breakout, it was the only foundation I could use, Its a fuller coverage that the Makeup Rev foundation, so I tend to use it more for a night out or when I want to look like I am wearing foundation.

Baby Skin Primer - Pretty self explanatory. Gives a really nice base for my foundation and leaves my skin feeling very matte. I always have this in my bag for those days I go bare faced and need to mattify my skin during the day.

A powder foundation. I am not too fussy when I comes to powder. My current one is from No7. Its stops shine, and to be honest, thats all I want from a powder.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Mascara - For £2 this is a brilliant mascara. Its not clumpy and doesn't give you that spidery lash effect. I curl my lashes before I put mascara on anyway so don't really see a curl effect. But I definitely saw a lengthening effect. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Blog Every Day in June - Day 2 - OOTD

Day 2 of Blog Every Day in June is OOTD. Annnnnnd I am kinda cheating. I have had the day from hell so I decided to do a throw back OOTD.
Off all the OOTD picks that I have even taken. This is one of my favourites. I know we don't do diet talk, but I had lost almost 2 stone here, I felt much better, healthier in myself and liked my hair!!
You can find the original post here.
Tomorrow's theme is Makeup must have and its also Wardrobe Wednesday, so I might even do two posts in one day!!
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Monday, 1 June 2015

Blog Every Day in June

When I saw that Lisa had decided to blog every day in June, and invited other bloggers to join her I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get myself really back into the swing of things.

Lisa has set a list of daily themes and barring a Wednesday,  I am going to try and stick to them. 

The first topic is 'Behind your blog name'...

The Left of Perfect is actually my second blog. My first blog was call, I actually can't remember what it was called, I think it was My Plus Sized Wardrobe, or something along those line.

I decided on the name The Left of Perfect because I don't believe that there is actually is a 'perfect' anything. Every single person's 'perfect' is unique to them. And I liked how it sounded. 

You can check out the other ladies taking part below. 

          Daisy // Charley // Sarah // Tukru // Lauren // Kathryn // Kelly // Nikki

Friday, 29 May 2015

My Plus Size Promise

A few weeks ago, after seeing Katt's Vlog promising to love herself more this summer, Debz did a shout out for plus size bloggers to do a group Plus Size Promise.
Images via
My first promise is to go bare legged. I have already kind of started this promise. This year is the first year I have been abroad for about 4 years and I am always wary about my legs. They are literally almost see through and NEVER change colour, but I did wear shorts on trips and I wore a dress without leggings. Although it was a midi length dress!

My second promise is to wear less black. I love black and will always wear it but I need more colour in my wardrobe. Even if it's just a top or shoes. But yes, Colour. Much more colour!!!

Thirdly. Blog more. I am slowing getting back into the swing of blogging. This time I am not going to become obsessed with stats and DA etc etc. I do this because I like it. Not because it's my job.

Lastly. Not give two shits about the opinions of anyone else regarding MY body. Pretty self explanatory really.

Make you you check out the other ladies, and what they promise themselves this year.
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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

OOTD - Wardrobe Wednesday's

Whilst I had my 'blogging break' I realised that I fallen back in to old habits of buying clothes and not actually wearing them. So, I have decided that every Wednesday I am going to show you something that has been hanging in my wardrobe for at least four weeks!!!
I have had this dress for awhile and can vaguely remember wearing it once and then put it back in my wardrobe.
I don't think its still on the website and I can't remember how much it was, but I think it is really cute!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

OOTD - When in doubt wear denim

Sometimes I spend more time deciding what clothes to wear then I do actually wearing them.
This morning we quickly decided that we need to go to the supermarket and a few other places before the F1 started and I had approximately 10 seconds to get ready and dressed and this was the first thing I happened to come across in my wardrobe.
I only bought this dress from George during the week and I have hunted high and low on the website for it. If you can find it let me know.
This is a size 22 but I could have easily got away with a 20. I love simple outfit.
Oh, and did I mention that this dress has pockets?!?!?
Hope you all have a fab bank holiday weekend!!