Thursday, 4 June 2015

Blog Every Day in June - Day 4 - Wish List

Day 4 and still going strong!!!

Today's theme is Wish list. I don't know about you, but during the month, I always see loads of things I want to buy, but come payday I don't like it any more!!

Saying that, I am lusting after some lovely bits and pieces at the moment.

I am lucky enough  work hard enough, that this year I can afford to go abroad twice. I have already been to Turkey and will be jet setting again in September.
I am in love with this tankini top from Yours Clothing. I already have a few pieces of swimwear, and will probably buy a few more swimwear bits. I am really tempted to buy a bikini but I don't know if I am brave enough but I love this one from Curvy Kate.

After seeing it on a few bloggers including Callie it would definitely be the bikini I would buy. I mean, look how fantastic she looks!!
When I look at this dress I automatically think of gladiator sandals. Well done New Look!

And this Scarlett & Jo dress from Evans. Roll on the sales!!

None fashion wish, this is the top of my list. A Kikki K planner. I have also spied a Mulberry one. We can dream can't we?

What's on your wish list?

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  1. I love that Curvy Kate set. I'm not quite at the point where I will don a bikini but if (WHEN) I get there, thats definitely the sort of thing I'd fancy xx