Friday, 5 June 2015

Blog Every Day in June - Day 5 - Here's what I would have bought - River Island

Day 5 and I am deviating slightly. Today's theme is Blog Roll Call. My list would be never ending and I reallllly wanted to catch up on this blog challenge. So here is my Here's what I would have bought.

River Island is NOT a place that I shop in. Why? Because they don't do my size. I don't even buy bags or shoes from them any more because I got depressed that I had to trail to the back of the shop through all the pretty clothes and not be able to buy them. 

And lets be honest, the staff look at you like you are something they have stood in if you bigger than a size 10!!

As Debz puts it, the idea behind this post is to show River Island what us plus size women would have bought if they stocked our sizes.

Looking through the website, there isn't that much that took my fancy. But I did find a few things.

So River Island, When you going start stocking plus sizes???

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  1. I'm not usually one for printed pants but those ones are really pretty love the lace dress too ^_^