Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Planner Addict

When I find a new hobby, I generally become pretty obsessed with it. Sometimes it only last a few month, other times I last it out. This blog is a good example. Although I try and post 2/3 times per week I don't cry if I only post once in a week. 

I love *trying* to be crafty. In the past I have dabbled in jewellery making and card making, but I think I have found my craft. In planners. Think filofax's, fauxdori's,  ring bound notebooks etc etc. The planner world is awesome!!

And the choice! Its beyond extensive! Granted a lot of it is overseas and you can sometimes struggle with getting certain items in the UK, but only when I am been reallllly picky.

I could go on for days about the choice of items but instead I am going to show you mine.

I currently have two planners. A pocket size paperchase one and a A5 Filofax domino in hot pink. My pocket size one is always in my bag and I don't really decorate it. My A5 is my baby. It sits on my coffee table or dining room table and gets lots of attention. 
This is my current dashboard. I made myself from some downloaded digital scrapbook paper and some project life bits and pieces. The initial card is from Marks and Spencer.
This is my current week layout. Going with the black and gold theme, again with PL cards. The laminated monthly cards are from Pinterest.
I add a 'photo of the week' in between each week on two pages. I could never get around to finishing a full PL month and this is a good way for me to print my photos.
look at all them planners!!!
 I also have some coloured paper in to this. I need to print some 'to do' lines on it. I love making lists, so I will definitely use them all!! I also have two plastic wallets. This one, that I keep my stickers in and zip one that I keep a bit of all sorts in.
So, that's my current planner.
I know this isn't my normal kind of post but I am going to start incorporate more lifestyle on my blog.

Do you plan?

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  1. This is so cool. I've seen some American youtubers write about their planners and I'd love to be someone who could keep up with a planner but I've tried so many times and I just fail! Yours is looking absolutley brilliant xxx